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Sex On Magic Mushrooms: Is It Safe?

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Buy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Online Penis Envy Mushrooms for sale near me , Sophie Saint James , the author of Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide To Cannabis For Self-Care, interviewed me on sex and magic mushrooms for her Stoned Sex Column in Merry Jane. As a neuroscientist who has both studied psilocybin mushrooms and had sex while […]

Why magic mushroom spores do not include psilocybin?

mckennaii mushroom spores

What are Spores? Mexican mushroom spores Spores are the reproductive cells of fungi that are responsible for spreading the fungus to new environments.  They resemble seeds in plants and are capable of becoming brand-new fungal organisms when the best conditions are satisfied.  In the case of magic mushrooms, are produced by the gills of the […]